#Knowledge makes u #humble

Do u know , When do u know deep?

I remember , when one professor was bombarded with all kinds of doubt about insulation resistance. He patiently answered all to everybody’s satisfaction. People had this ambiguity in their minds for ages now . How does cable insulation behave on application of voltage longitudnally,transversely? What does’ l’ and ‘A ‘will mean here? How it is measured when kept in liquid dielectric and so on. Questions were asked by UPSC qualified candidates, who already thought they know all.
I remember the episode for composed behaviour and humble attitude of him.

Actually, there is nothing to be scared of or getting hurt ,when u have good insight of a subject. in fact you are ready to learn more and you only understand true value of learning. you know very well that anyone can teach you one or two things, which you might not know. But this realization comes only after toiling hard.
When u know deep, it frees you from hollowness and pride. You become humble.

Knowledge will make u humble.