Quadratic equation and linear equation were 2 very benign , innocent problems posed to a mathematics student at the level of Xth standard. He knew the trick and it was bound to yield accurate result. With the addition of logarithmic, binomial series, differential and integral calculus in XII standard , it made things more robotic. You remembered the lanes and gulleys to travel through. A hardcore mathematics student still proudly sailed through and could say with touch of proud that it still goes through same route and yields same result. He considers him a touch above than rest non mathematics (humanities) students in learning and mastering a logical and mind applying subject.
Situations worsened as one progresses further. An undergraduate mathematics student ponders when he is exposed to unlikely maths like real analysis and modern algebra. He writes solutions like proses , paragraphs about rings, fields, integers , groups. Determinants were exciting in 10+2,when one addition , multiplication to a row would in totality affect the value of determinant same way. one can add rows/columns, substract them with out actually affecting its value. that was magical and at the same time thrilling. But matrices, popularly known as linear algebra takes over here and it is lifeless. Numbers changed to x,y z type letters, and many a times written only in small function. with magnitude of 100 rows and columns altogether. Their operations,inverses, base,spaces,diagonalisation etc make you tired. Simple complex numbers becomes complex analysis, and equations of different degrees in x,y, z are no more sphere,cone and parabola. They take any hell like shape. Differential calculus becomes differential equation and to make it more complex it becomes #partial .If you could still stand ground then to break you fully, theory of relativity falls at your head..
It is this time when you read history, geography , civics ,you find them more scientific,analytical and coherent. They are much more interesting, relevant. A proud mathematics student is lost over his choice. Life gives an equaliser and balances. Pride and superiority is shattered.
-Ran vijay