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What is significance of recent supreme court decision on abolition of IPC section 497?
It’s being criticised for promoting adultery and disintegration of families?

In essence, it is higher degree of liberation. It’s further extension of right of freedom and right of life.  It gives freedom of using your body organs in your way and whom with.

Law alone can not have deterrence to stop any thing considered unethical, dirty or crime. Values of society also have to stand firm to not allow encroachment in to it. In this case, though fear of criminal proceedings have gone away, but social, societal is still there. To top it all, individuals will have a final decision , whether to continue with erring partner or not?
Divorce case will increase . Thats a further fear of this decision, which may be true.
The section is misused by people and police too. It gives mightier people facility to use law to their advantage.
Though it’s a fact that such decisions give freedom to individuals to enjoy life at the fullest, freeing from clutches of society,but it is making individuals to be more self centered only and consumeristic in approach.

What’s your opinion?

I had posted this on my facebook timeline and received few comments. So I am further digging into it.

People say that it will work as an aid to babas like ram rahim, asha ram etc, since now they can prove easily that complaining girls/women had consented for sex..It is further said that it has been done as a conspiracy to facilitate their acquittal, by coercing ,cajoling or playing with loopholes in justice delivery system to present it as a case of ipc 497 only.

 First of all let’s be clear that It’s applicable for married woman only. Adultery charge is on man, having consensual sex with another woman. Punishable up to 5 years. But law is different for rape. It can not be treated as rape. Now question is whether rape can be treated as consensual sex or projected so. If that be so, then it’s failure of evidence or system. But a charge of adultery not rape is mostly a weapon to be used against a man by victimising. If it’s consensual sex, then why a woman will label a charge? If it is not then it’s rape. But adultery is charged assuming a lady has been seduced to move in to such relation. It treats her as object , proprietary of her husband.

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