Decoding bytes of mind and replaying them..

Long time ago I watched a movie ”inception’ from Hollywood. I could not comprehend it. The fictional work showed to enter into one’s mind through dreams and plan their thoughts into his head. There were methods of getting into levels of dreams. Dreams into dreams. And more , there were dream designers, security providers in dreams , so that no one can plant his ideas there. Interesting watch and difficult understanding.

One day It occurred to my mind that we have very vivid images and moments of so many events. When we recall them, it comes out in every detail as if it is happening again in front of our eyes. It is like replay of a video/image on tv/mobile . That shows that it is stored in bits and bytes somewhere in our mind, from where we retrieve them. There would be a possibility in future, when we would be able to decode our grey matter threads, to really replay them.

It also crosses to my mind that why only few events are recorded there in mind. Even such few, which we are not party of or even do not like . Does our eye act as CCTV camera?

It’s a fact that we tend to forget very peculiar things about ourselves over time. We are reminded of by our old friends about these. Even then we may not be able to replay the event. Why such failure of replaying? Mind is definitely prioritising things and erasing bytes to store newer things.


What do you say? And how do you think, this shall be possible in future. Project Genome is already in process of decoding why we are , what we are and how we are so?I am hopeful , it shall also be researched .

Please give your view- Ran vijay

*Image source internet. With thanks.